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Wednesday, October 10, 2007,12:20 PM
The end....

HI there...

Mat thank you for you 've sent me that message. for sure it was the little "hush" i was needing.

Why was i so much silented? I wonder why should we force sometimes what it was sure to happen? things in dojo were not fine at all. Maybe i've found the excuse of the seminars for quitting... i don't know. i just know i'm hurted with people from Aikido and i'm not pretending to go back. A lot of feeling are still floating on me and i need to be able to forget (maybe even forgive) in order that i'll be able to be in harmony again. Just imagine when all you thought it was YOU is vanished. i've made of Aikido my life... as a matter of fact, my choice as a physiotherapist was because of Aikido.

Now... after so much disappointment i'm learning to know myself once again...

The silence was something i was needing.. i mean, this blogue was a proof of all great moments i've passed there and i was quite sad to think it was gone. But it is gone... it won't come back.

this will be my last post.

Thank you All... All of you were great and truly kind to me but even thou i still do sometimes Aikido the feeling is not the same so i cannot write with the feelings i had before.

Adore You ALL

Wishing all of you the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thursday, January 18, 2007,7:30 PM
18th January_ what to do... what to do...
HI there!
the seminar at the hospital is going fine. Well after we had decided what would be the patients for me (we have to have at least 2) i realized that few of them actually talk with me. I'm in the neurosurgery area and so i get some cases of brain cancer, post miningits, strokes and some tetra and paraplegias. Anyway i have to agree that i never thought i would love so much to work in this area.
Anyway its already 2 weeks of seminar and i'm always learning or feeling somehow different everyday. My main patient is 64 years old and he had multiple strokes. He has a speech afasia. It's great to feel that everyday i understand him a bit more, when he has pain, where, when he is more sad or when he wants to laugh of my silly jokes. To be honest, I truly ike him. He has really a sweet look and i can imagine that he must have been a great person. Anyway, even thou i know that probably it will not be enough i'm doing my best to make him feel better at least a bit everyday. It's amazing how his smile seems to make the sunlight brighter. it's quite magical i must say.
ANother thing, these following pictures are quite bad because at that time i only had my phone camera. I'm sorry for those more sensitive to the lack of quality :P

The sun at 7:48 while i'm in the train going to the hospital

well now about Aikido.. :D

As all of you can imagine i hadn't that much time for Aikido lately. Well first of all i was ill in the first week of the seminar and it was the hell to make me move since everything was hurting. I've gone this week and i took some pictures of my cousin so you can see how she's cute! :D

I still have some new that i was almost avoiding to tell but, anyway i have to: i quitted giving classes. With as much work as i'm having now it's quite hard to think or be 100% fine to teach Aikido. It was quite sad for me to make this decision, (well you know how much i loved it) but i couldn't harm anyone or make them stop because of my seminar so i gave my class to my collegue.

I'll keep going to the class time to time but at least this way i know that once i'll change the hospital or i'll not be able to go the class will still go on. It was the best i could do.

Presenting Margarida... :) my sweet cute cousin...

Mae ukemi: "see? now i'm not fearing it!!!" cit

Just for the picture... Margarida once again... "how can I be in internet? don't you need to have a factory?" cit

Time to go home...

Well gotta keep on working! hugs for everyone


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Thursday, January 04, 2007,11:00 AM
Thanks... Happy new year!!!!!

Bom Natal
Merry Xmas...
(quite late i know)


BOM ANO 2007

and just for entertainment i'll send some pictures of Lisboa (capital) on christmas...

I'm sorry for the silence but holidays are holy days for me so i try to keep myself away from the computer... Anyway i want to tell i'm really sorry if i let myself rule by stress (exams and exams) to Makabe because most probably you had good will in what you told but i missunderstood. Well, i try myself not to lie of memories and when i say i'm nostalgic it's a good feeling and not a sad one. Mat thanks for you had made me see the reality out of the could i had in front of me...

At the same time i want to send a big hug to uchi deshi and a great happy new year for you too my friend.

Budo Blues i'm sorry for i had only seen your non stop blues maybe too late for it... ANyway i'll try and keep in touch with all the information you wrote ;)

Well i'm out now! (i'll begin my seminars os the university next week but i'll try to take some photos of the classes i'll be able- not too much i fear- to go). As always i cannot promise a thing... :S

HUgs for everybody and a GREAT AWESOME AND COLOSSAL NEW YEAR 2007

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Friday, December 08, 2006,8:48 PM
I've just found new photos!!!
Hi there!
i've just found some new photos..
it was sure a great seminar (because of people and sensei)...
Don't you ever felt that will to turn back time? everytime i see these pictures i have that feeling... it's so great...
Anyway i'll not bother you anymore with my talk. :)
Shyshiya Sensei
Doesn't need any kind of introduction!!!!

Shyshiya Sensei

Shyshiya Sensei

Leisure time

From left to right: Jiri Marek, me, Milan (don't know his last name)

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,8:30 PM
From Jicin with love.. :D
Jicin was as always a great seminar... it happened from 14 to 19th of november but unfortunatly i was just able to be there one full day... I could barely feel the taste of it! anyway i had a lot of fun and the practice was great! as always sensei makes me think beyond my simple me...
Great memories and a feeling of missing...
Shyshiya Sensei and Jiri Cabrada


In the middle: Oskar (sorry but i don't know the last name)

Shyshiya Sensei and Jiri Cabrada

the group's photo

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Thursday, December 07, 2006,7:45 PM
My cousin... Kawaii ne?
First Aikido class: 3 weeks ago
First ukemi: 2 classes ago

Major things to say about her: Such a great and cute look... like a little bunny... :D

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,1:08 PM
Last class was quite funny... I had 3 (at the end 4) kids and they were quite full of energy. Well one girl, in the middle of sauvages... (everybody that have ever teached kids will understand my thoughts) i was really damned if they would be able to control me. First i tryed some BIGGGGGGG warming up. that didn't work out. they were even more energetic. After Aikido and... well that didn't help at all... so i tryed a new approach. I would be completly dead at the end but they would be good boys (& girls). gosh it's awful the way human mind sometimes think... (Gotta win!!!!) Anyway i thought... let's play! I made them run and run, more and more and play as much as they wanted under my rules. In the middle, in the moments that they wanted to relax they did aikido. Some wanted to learn how to do the tsuki (punch) so we were training the position of the hand and the stance. and after once again... PLAYTIME!
one thing is sure, even thou there was not that much Aikido they did not went in a fight and at the end they even said some words in japanese. I'm really happy for it... Next class hope the adults will come as well.


ps. have to find some time to put my cousin's pictures.
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Monday, December 04, 2006,1:42 PM
News... kinda late.. i know...

Hi there!
how's everybody?
well i have to admit that i'm (finally) getting into a great phase in my aikido's life: i'm teaching with a friend of mine in a dojo and even thou i feel more insecure than ever in the classes i can feel that maybe something's changing... i feel like i'm finally getting into my own self back again. Last year was quite ful and i was almost wanting the time to go faster (almost) so that i could think that that was nothing but a bad dream... Well, i cannot say things are perfect (i sure need a LOOOOOOOOOOOT more to develop) but i feel in (more) harmony with myself...

Yeah, maybe the weather will smile back at me maybe not... while i'll fell this feeling towards me and my life i can say: welcome back 'ol me! :D

Classes... Well i was always the kind of person who told that at ths moment i'm too much "green" toteach someone... anyway i was convinced to (hum... it was that or i would not do aikido that soon :( ) and now, even thou sometimes i feel things are not 100% like i say i try to say it... Not the best option for sure but it's the only i have now... Well most time rather prefer to teach something i at least 70% sure about it... Gosh i'm comletly fresh in it what do you want me to do? Well one thing i'm sure: i'm giving my best! the first week was quite great at least for me: the class was with 3 students all new and bright white! i loved it for sure... (it was one of my best time in Aikido and i still remember it with a sweet feeling...) On that week my 4 years old cousin wanted to join so i let her... at first she was really afraid of mae ukemi (fall)... normal i guess and i couldn't force it. So i let her enjoy some tsuki (punch) and shomen (strike to the head)! on the 3 classes she was denying herself to do it as well so i made her do the bolinha (little ball in portuguese which consist in rolling back and sideways). She was having lots of fun and after, at the 6th class (last week) she invited some friends of her to come as well. I was completly petrified (of joy) when i saw her doing it... i know it was not because of me but to show her friends she was able to do it but she did it: she surpassed her fears! :D well i for sure won my day and maybe that helped me to achive today's mood. I think even thou i'm not able to know everything i'm able to teach some things. Even thou i'm not able to correct some things, i'll do my best to help them to achive something.

HUgs to everybody...

ps. i'll try to bring my cousin's photo so you can see it for yourself... She's so sweet! ;)
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Friday, October 20, 2006,8:21 PM
Bohemia Aikikai
advertisement (i promise this will be the only one i will make) but check this out:

Bohemia Aikikai http://www.hvezdicka.cz/ba/index.php

Bohemia Aikikai --> Czech republic! I'm addicted to the web site and always waiting for new refresh from the photos! :P

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006,4:01 PM
Magic in the dojo!_ still Munich
Still in Munich, one night, the group have gathered! (people from czech republic and me) we had dinner and after more people had arrived. In all different people that were there luckily most of them talked english (others don't but we talked anyway_ sometimes more through sounds! :D).
Maybe because sometimes the silence appear (well let us be honest, we didn't know anyone there so asking intrusive question was sure a bad option!) some people began with magic tricks! I had really lots of fun! I thought about my friend (Joao Blumel) who really loves magic tricks and sure he has to teach me some! We had from cut fingers to the manifestation of the mental power- the so called "KI"- in a great and admirable ........ MATCH! :D

There were really great laughs there but unfortunately the day after was the last day so... It's sad to say but... it was time to get back to Portugal and to classes at school.... :S :D ehehe

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Monday, October 16, 2006,1:06 PM
Leisure time... or should i say... AliEN attack????
I really don't know who took this pictures but i hope he will know how to run once i'll know... :D

And last but for sure NOT the least...

And don't ask me what that.... why was i with that weird position??.... Dunno.. :S

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,1:02 PM
Munich.... Again...

The group was quite great! All people from Czech republic were great as always! it's amazing the way people are so kind and nice! :) anyway the seminar was great and for sure something to keep in memory..

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,12:37 PM
Aikido will never die!--- BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been thinking lately, maybe too much... What's Aikido in my life? I came to realize that whenever we may be, the things we most love are always there! If Aikido is part of our life, "you are not less "Aikidoka" if you practise less but with all your heart" (cit. Jiri Marek)! I have to say that it was really hard to put inside my mind that "it was over..." but i have to say that IN MY COUNTRY is over! i still have outside a whole new world to discover! Sky's the limit and i'm ready to discover it!
Sorry for the silenceof lately but i was needing it...

i'm back!! ;)

And because Aikido is sometimes leisure times...

Munich, a great seminar with again, Shishyia Sensei

From left to right: Peter, Jindriska, Me, Jiri

Iaido (in the center of the photo: Jiri Marek)

Nikyo technique: Jiri and Shishyia Sensei

Jiri and Me

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006,9:56 AM
It's formal now...
Aikido's over... DAMN DAMN DAMN! and why? Dunno... anyway i'll keep on waiting if anything will happen from my dojo's position and after if nothing... Well, I will have to change dojo or art.. (long story, folks) anyway let's us worry about the problem once it has showed up!

i'm sorry for all the silence but i'm in exams and this LITTLE subject in AIkido is not easy for me to talk about.

Hugs for everyone!
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